Essay Writing in Canada for Everyone: Simple as It Is

Essays on different topics are commonly assigned in universities, colleges, and high schools around the world as an effective tool for developing students’ writing and researching skills as well as showing their understanding of the discipline. However, teachers and professors sometimes fail to explain what exactly they expect and how you can achieve it efficiently. Therefore, so many students are seeking help of somebody who is much more competent in this issue than they are themselves.

We’ve designed this guide with some useful recommendations on how to write your essay properly and submit it on time.

Clarifying What an Essay Writing Actually Is

So, what is an essay and what makes a good essay?

  • An essay can explain your personal perspective, answer a particular question, or persuade a reader of a certain idea supporting it with evidence.
  • There must be either a description or a discussion with a proper writing style accordingly.
  • It should have correct structure, which includes intriguing introduction with catchy first lines, informative main body with logical arguments or interesting narration, and well-grounded conclusion with your findings.
  • An essay should contain relevant information from reliable sources and no unnecessary words that don’t relate to the subject directly.
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General Steps to Undertake During Your Essay Writing Process

There are some fundamental stages of any essay writing, yet this process isn’t that easy and linear. You may happen to get back to a certain step several times or follow them inconsistently.

  • Understand the assigned topic, analyze what materials you’ll need to study, and define basic concepts you’ll have to cover.
  • Write a thesis statement by choosing one of the most interesting ideas that your whole essay writing will be centered around.
  • Start researching the topic of your essay using only relevant information from recommended or reliable sources.
  • Write out key points that you’re going to use as examples and evidence for your reasoning.
  • Make up a short outline in order to see how your essay will look in general.
  • Start writing the first draft as soon as possible, begin with the body paragraphs and then return to introductory and concluding parts.
  • Put aside the first variant and give yourself some time in order for your brain to be able to generate new ideas and thus improve your first paper.
  • Get back to your essay writing in a day or two, look through the rough copy, add and rearrange your thoughts, make sure all aspects of the subject are revealed.
  • Write a title page and reference list if necessary; don’t forget about the requirements concerning the formatting style you need.
  • Proofread everything twice or more and make final amendments.
  • Submit your paper and receive the grade you deserved.
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